The blue marlin

In the world, it is the king of fish for big game fishing or sport fishing with the black marlin which is absent from the waters of Guadeloupe.   

It is large in size from 80kg to 300kg for 2.5m to 5m in length. Coppery brown in color with blue highlights with a slender body, it has a developed dorsal fin, a large caudal fin and a rostrum or sword.  

It feeds on squid, blue trevally, bonito, black tuna, yellowfin tuna and dolphinfish, using its rostrum to stun its prey. 

It is fished by heavy trolling with 5 rods from 50lbs to 80lbs and 2 to 3 teasers. It can also be fished by slower trolling with live or dead bonito with 2 teasers or by sight when heavy trolling. 

This fish has an extremely developed survival instinct, and during combat it will do anything to free itself.     

The fight can last from 45 minutes to several hours, which is why “BIG FISHING or SPORT FISHING AT SEA”.

In this fight, the marlin can practice several release techniques, probe, then come up and jump vertically while shaking its head violently or pass over the side of the boat or come out in front.  

Its first rush is dazzling and can last several minutes. It puts a very heavy test on the equipment which must be checked and adjusted at each outing.  

The sensations, from the very violent bite, the blow of the lures, to the sight of this large fish on the edge of the boat after a long fight, are very strong and unforgettable.

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