In Guadeloupe, yellowfin tuna is more present in the summer from July to October. Black on the back and silver on the belly with yellow highlights. Their dorsal and ventral fins are yellow in color and very long, crescent-shaped towards the rear and can tend to meet for large subjects. In the waters of Guadeloupe, it weighs 30kg to 50kg and can measure up to 1m60 in length.   

It feeds on small squid and tuna, including small yellowfin tuna.

In big game or sport fishing and weight for equal, it is certainly the most powerful fish.    

In combat the pressure can be extremely strong. Some individuals trapped at a depth of 150 m force us to apply the brakes to 14kg to be able to lift them off the bottom! 

It is drift fished with powerful angled rods and 80lb reels with live or dead fish.

The feeling during the fight can be very intense and muscular. This fish is absolutely beautiful and is shaped like a torpedo.  

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