The Xiphias Gladius swordfish, a large emblematic fish, which in Guadeloupe can reach 200kg for 4 m in length. Its eyes are larger than those of the marlin, it has a flat rostrum and a high dorsal in its first part and very low afterwards.

It lives at a depth of 500m during the day and goes up at night to the 100m range to feed mainly on squid. 

It is normally fished at night drifting with 3 heavy rods positioned at different depths in the 100m range.

It can also be fished by heavy trolling with five rods and two or three teasers, but it is becoming rarer.

He is an extraordinary fighter who doesn't give up. It can leap out of the water, probe, or exit from any side of the boat. The first rush is dazzling and it can extend up to 700m in line.  

The fight is intense and can last several hours with extraordinary sensations.

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