The striped bonito is gray-black on the back with phosphorescent blue longitudinal stripes and silver on the belly with copper reflections on the rear. It is a magnificent fish, shaped like a shell which can weigh up to 9kg and measure 90cm in length.  

It feeds on small fish and squid.

Equal in size and with yellowfin tuna, it is one of the most powerful fish in sport fishing. 

It can be fished with a jig, although very wary, it is less biting with this technique, slow trolling with octopuses or dedicated lures. Large subjects, on 20lbs to 30lbs rods and 5000 or 6500 reels can take 200 m of braid in the first rush and keep you fighting for between 20 minutes and 50 minutes.  

She doesn't give up until the last meters and the effort is intense!

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