The mackerel is part of the tuna family. In Guadeloupe there are 2 large species.

The mackerel, black on the back and silver on the belly with bluish vertical stripes. It weighs from 7kg to 30kg and can measure up to 2m in length.

The white mackerel, black on the back and silver on the belly, in the water it is distinguished by intense silver reflections and it has no stripes. It can weigh from 7 kg to 30 kg and measure up to 2 m.

The macreau mackerel, silver in color, is smaller than these two big brothers and has a larger eye with even sharper teeth.    

They feed on squid, small tuna, rock fish along the coast.

They are fished with a jig or fast troll between the 50m drop-off and the 100m drop-off.  

They have sharp teeth and attack their prey at a speed of 120 km/h.

Their first rush is spectacular and he is a good fighter.

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