Awesome !

Extraordinary surprise that we concocted for our respective husbands (3) for their birthdays, they loved their fishing day (yellowfin tuna, mackerel, bonito and many others) and the professionalism of Eric who shares his passion with his fishermen. 09/2023

Capdebos Sylvie

Passion, sharing and professionalism

The experience with Eric was extraordinary. We were with 2 teenagers who loved it.

Eric is passionate, attentive, patient. We brought back some beautiful specimens.

He even gives tips for cooking them!!


Great big game fishing

[:fr]Great day of big game fishing with Éric Ballet departing from Bouillante, everything is done so that you catch fish for us: 2 sea breams, 1 tuna and a kingfish, plus the dolphins accompanied us at the end of the outing. Only professionalism [:en]Great day of big game fishing with Eric Ballet at the start of boiling everything is done so that you catch fish for us 2 sea bream 1 tuna and a kingfish plus the dolphins accompanied us at the end of the outing. Only professionalism thanks to Éric and davy[:]

Jean Denis


Thank you for this great, unforgettable outing!!! For my first big game fishing, I am delighted, Tuna, Barracudas, little walk with the dolphins and to finish in style a Blue MARLIN….of 70 kgs!! (Novice prepare your arms… only happiness)

Thank you Eric for your professionalism and your attention to safety on board.for your guests….

Do not hesitate !!!! ADRENALINE GUARANTEED!!!

See you soon……. Stef


Awesome day

Black tuna, bonito, 1 beautiful barracuda, 1 trevally and 3 beautiful sea bream, one of which weighs more than 10 kg. The marlin will be for next time!

As a bonus, dozens of dolphins swimming in front of the boat!

Thank you Eric for this great day and for the 4 beautiful tuna as a gift.


Amazing day

Very good day of fishing with Eric who is super nice. He is rigorous in his practice. He seeks to please his guests. The quality is there for the material. I'll do it again for you.

Nicolas and Gilles

Real big game fishing!!!!!

The morning began, to warm up, with the fishing of several bonitos, then the serious things began with a barracuda of 1 m, to end in apotheosis with a superb yellowfin tuna of 1.30 m for 35 kg. Thank you much Eric for your advice and this very beautiful day of fishing!!! A real day of big game fishing!!!!


Very nice day of fishing

Great day of fishing with a very friendly and very professional captain.

We caught bonito, tuna and dolphinfish.

Thanks to Eric for his advice.


Childhood dream!

Since I was little, I have dreamed of doing real big game fishing. And thanks to Eric I was able to realize my dream of real big game fishing with a real fisherman, extraordinary know-how and professionalism.

But above all an adorable, kind, reassuring person. Thank you again Eric for your kindness and this wonderful outingche

I really recommend it was a great day.

Laurent and Charlene

Memorable day

For a discovery of big game fishing, great memories: advice and great sensations

Bonito tuna and marlin

Great sailor thanks to Johan and Eric the captain

Laurent H

To redo

Thank you Eric for your professionalism, your explanations and your experience so that we had a good day, well helped by Johan, sometimes rainy but with fish.

We missed the Marylin but oh well next time



Magnificent day

Big thanks to Eric for this wonderful day. Eric is very attentive and very professional, thank you again!!! And see you soon……


Sport fishing

Thanks to Eric for this wonderful day of fishing.

Don't change anything Eric, you're on top.

Lefevre Jean-Michel

Wonderful day !

Thank you and congratulations to Eric and Johan for this sea fishing trip with friends (Monday 06/02). Throughout this day, 4 fish reeled in, a beautiful and long fight with a big bonito, anecdotes and lots of advice from these two enthusiasts...

And Eric offered us 2 bonitos whichare now ready to take a closer look at our barbecue!!!

See you next time!

Arthur Heyraud

An intense fight

A superb sea trip with Eric.

We understand what sport fishing means when after 2h20 of a superb fight, 4 of us manage to bring out a superb marlin of around 90kg for almost 3m.

And the height of happiness is a second who hits almost immediately after for 2m50.

Eric we will come back


Amazing day

Very nice day at sea with Eric and his sailor Johann. Very professional. Thanks to them. Highly recommended!


A magical and unforgettable day

We had never had an experience like this... We actually had tears in our eyes. Éric and Justin are super cool and above all very professional with mastered fishing techniques and good equipment. If we come back to Guadeloupe we will return eyes closed fishing with Éric. Thank you again to you for this extraordinary day.and good luck. We do not understand the negative comment left on the page.

Magali Byram and Christophe Bouhier

Unforgettable and magnificent fishing

It’s a childhood dream come true: “incredible fishing!” » Éric Baillet and Justin, super friendly, very professional with mastered fishing techniques and ultimately magnificent fish. I will return to Guadeloupe and I will recommend this team for an unforgettable day. Thanks again Eric. See you next time…


A first, at the top!

Thank you Eric for this wonderful day. An unforgettable discovery of big game fishing. Boat and equipment at the top, Captain Eric who masters his subject, a pro.

Friendly atmosphere on board.



Day at the Top

We had magnificent weather, smooth seas, saw lots of dolphins and most importantly caught beautiful sea bream, bonito…. Benevolent professional crew it was a treat and to be done again very very quickly!

Sébastien Wedding

What a beautiful day

My son and I had already had the opportunity to do big game fishing in Guadeloupe with another service provider.

We were very frustrated because the crew was primarily there to “make” fish to sell. They were fishing and passing the rods to us just to reel in the fish. No interest…..

They were professional fishermen (whose aim is above all to sell their fish, I mean) who put “butter in the spinach” by taking on board 2 or 3 tourists.

This time was REALLY different.

Eric and Justin's goal is to make their customers fish and to give them joy and sensation.

We really fished.

Full of touches and sensations at the tips of the hands and a REAL fishing moment during which we tested several techniques for several types of fish.

It so happened that we had a successful day and happened upon the day of the “sea bream fair”.

And, believe me, I feel things quite well and I can assure you that we felt that Eric and Justin were happy to give us this pleasure.

Fishing is not an exact science, but I would have made the same comment without any catch. Indeed, Eric and Justin are 2 friendly people, not shy of explanations and, it feels, very professional.

My son Pierre-Louis (21 years old) who accompanied me and who shares this passion for fishing agrees with me at 150%. He was also very touched by Eric's final gesture (Eric will understand ;-))

See you soon Gentlemen for another great fishing trip in your company.

Would not change a thing.

Nicolas and Pierre-Louis

Nicolas and Pierre-Louis Roullier

Serious fishing and a pleasant welcome

Thanks to you Eric for this day of fishing last week.

Pierre and I had a great welcome from you and it was a real pleasure. The fish was there and so was the good mood. You are very good advice during this day of fishing and you willingly share ta passion….in short, beautiful memories for us.

Thank you so much

Pierre and Jean-Valéry

PS: sorry for the late comment 😉

Facq jean valery

Superb day of sea fishing

We were with family and were able to experiment with different types of fishing: trolling for mackerel and using a classic rod for tuna. We caught 6 bonito and two magnificent tuna.

Eric and Justin were very professional and shared their passion with us.


Deep sea fishing

Thanks to Eric for this great day of fishing where the fish were there. We tested several types of fishing and were able to catch mackerel, bonito, sea bream, the marlin did not want to show itself despite all the array of lures (maybe next time). I appreciated his advice and his passion. a great outing to experience….

Kind regards, EJ

Joy Eric

A memorable day of exotic fishing

Highlight of the day with numerous fishing techniques tackled with exceptional success on all species.

3 Black mackerel, 1 2.5 meter swordfish and 3 Coryphene bream.

Thanks for everything Eric

A must do...


An unforgettable day

Departure at dawn and catch of 2 marlins of 60KG and dolphinfish. A memorable day with 2 simultaneous marlin departures. Eric is a true Pro, doesn't shy away from advice and doesn't count his time. He is accompanied by Edwige who is also very nice to him. In short, I recommend them to you to spend moments that you will remember forever!



Eric is very professional

Very interesting and enjoyable day

Not to miss



From dream to reality

Exceptional day with super nice people and a super professional crew. Super boat well equipped. Even novices catch fish, provided of course that they are there. Trust the crew they will do everything to find them.. results 2 marlins weighing 80 kg 8 sea bream seen dolphins a whale. On happiness. Thanks Eric.


Good day

good day of fishing, 4 sea bream, 1 kingfish, we met dolphins and a female sperm whale with her small one. The small downside is that we weren't able to taste the peach, as it was advertised on the site.


A very good day of fishing

We were 3 fishermen including two beginners, clear explanations on the equipment and the different fishing techniques that we used.

A first bite on a Marlin but it came loose.

Then fished on shallows to catch some bonito, very good appetizer for beginners, then we tooks a sea bream that was circling around.

Then departure on different FADs with a new sea bream.

Alas no new touch of Marlin but that is the very principle of fishing.

Eric and Hedwige were very efficient and friendly.

To do again!!



A big thank you for this superb day, Éric and Edwige were very professional and available and best of all! we were able to enjoy the 10 bonitos in ceviche and a la plancha in the evening, but the taste of the king mackerel will remain a mystery until the next time because we will come back.

Want a great fishing experience? –>BABYWANE!!!

Eric and André Lyon

a fabulous experience

thank you again for this wonderful moment

also due to the professionalism of the captain who did everything to accompany us and give pleasure

the family was also delighted to return and enjoy fishing products


Philippe BAUDIN

Professionalism, passion and friendliness

Unforgettable day Eric and Edwige very friendly

Nothing to say or change

Thank you both

Katia Rocío Hugo Bertrand and Alain

Darques Alain and Katia

Unforgettable day

A magnificent day with more than 20 shots in a superb atmosphere

Different fishing techniques throughout the day

Touches of coriphen sea bream with truly wonderful repetition


a gentleman who knows the sea and fishing well

a beautiful day


Deep sea fishing

[:fr]A big thank you for this day of fishing, a warm welcome, advice for the different types of fishing. I caught a 1.60 m mackerel weighing 16 kg and 3 small dolphinfish. Perfect material boats, looking forward to returning. Day of 06 16, 2021.[:en]A big thank you for this day of fishing a warm welcome with top advice on different types of fishing. I caught a 1.60 m mackerel for 16 kg and 3 small dolphin bream boats perfect equipment impatient to be able to come back fishing day on 06 16, 2021[:]

Rouvillois Eric

A sublime day

A wonderful day with Éric and Aurélien, a real team of enthusiasts 🙂

We learned lots of things in their company, it was a pleasure!!!

Many thanks for your professionalism.

To do again very quickly.

David & Cindy


Amazing day

A big thank you for this exceptional day. Eric is a great sea fishing professional. We came back with 4 big fish and lots of memories in mind.

I highly recommend

julien mercier

Day with a pro

Cordial telephone contact, meeting on time on the pontoon, good welcome, very interesting captain who knows his job very well.

Experience to repeat without problem


unforgettable day of fishing

Unforgettable day of deep sea fishing!

We benefited from excellent weather despite the cyclone season with rough seas, saw dolphins, flying fish, hunting tuna, etc…

Understanding and practicing big game fishing, which is extremely technical, was very enriching because it was explained by Eric and Hugo, exciting and passionate, with high-end equipment on a great boat. Even for the accompanist that I am, it was memorable. Catch of the day: 1 tuna, 2 sea bream and 1 wahoo to the delight of everyone on the boat.

Beautiful and memorable day!

Tita and Patrick

[:fr]Great moment[:en]August 2020[:]

Superb moment. Sea bream and yellowfin tuna by appointment. Eric and Davy are true professionals who do everything to allow you to have great fights. The research is much more technical than imagined. The detours taken to greet the dolphins were very appreciated. Beautiful memories for this day of offshore fishing.

Gael and his sons

Very good time to do absolutely

We had a wonderful time fishing this Sunday with a great Eric and Dawy crew!

Very professional with a comfortable boat and top fishing equipment!

We caught a sea bream and other fish.

Despite all the crew's efforts, the big one wasn't there, it's a shame but It’s fishing and not fish farming.

Thank you Captain Eric and we look forward to more fruitful fishing.

See you soon

Franck made in Normandy


Good day

I had a good day learning about parachute fishing unfortunately the tuna were not there that day our captain did everything to catch one in wine too bad we still caught a few small fish finally around 1 meter in size thank you


[:fr]Big game fishing between father and son[:en]Summer 2020, big game fishing between father and son[:]

The conditions are ripe for discovering big game fishing. At the start a little rain, Eric our captain takes out the yellow oilskins and roars the 500 horsepower of his 'outboard' engines. With Davy, they prepare the rods with the lures and set the lines.

Suddenly one of the reelsHe starts spinning noisily, and a hell of a fight begins. Enthusiastic, we fought vigorously for several tens of minutes to reel in the biggest catch of our lives!!! 27 kilograms of pure strength, what a fight! A superb yellowfin tuna!

See you soon Eric and Davy and thank you for this great day. Your kindness, your kindness and your professionalism delighted us. See you next time, that's for sure!

Sébastien and Clément

Awesome day

A top and very professional team. We were able to touch all the equipment and participate in the setup. Very welcoming and very rigorous about the well-being of the customer, no complaints.

In terms of catches: 3 tuna and around ten sea bream.

Despite the absence of Marlin, Eric has everything made so we could catch fish.

Thanks again to both of you, we recommend him and his teammate, you can go for it with your eyes closed, no regrets.

Kind regards, the 3 people from Toulouse.


A magnificent blue Marlin!

We just had a great day of fishing off Bouillante with Eric and his teammate!

12 tuna, 3 barracudas that we released and this superb blue marlin of around 70kg which took us more than an hour to fight. Eric is a very professional fishing captain, connoisseur chknowledge of aquatic fauna and the marine territory. He has mastered the different fishing techniques offered, which guarantees his clients fruitful fishing and lots of thrills.

I recommend this unforgettable experience!


Great outing!

Super nice fishing trip.

A mackerel and a good dozen black tuna. And the dolphins that cross our path offshore… What more could you ask for? Maybe a marlin? Maybe next time.

In any case, thank you Eric for this moment of conviviality and for the tuna that you gave usrt to everyone.


Very good day

Magnificent walk where we sailed with the dolphins.

Eric is at the top. Very good experience.

Go for it!


Extraordinary. I recommend

What a great day. Thanks to Captain Eric for this extraordinary adventure. A first for me but it won't be the last

Philippe D.

A memorable day

We had an amazing time and were able to reel in a huge marlin. An extraordinary adventure. Terrific day.

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